Angelo Aldous Herman stands out again as a prominent sparkling wine in the international wine scene.
This time it will be the Merano Wine Festival to be the setting, in fact during the important event to be held in Merano (Italy) from 9 to 11 November Angelo Aldous Herman will be present at the enoteca The Circle along with 50 other selected labels.
The Circle. People | Land | Experiences is a multi-purpose outdoor space in the immediate vicinity of the Kurhaus, dedicated to the deepening and exploration of the various Italian territories through meetings and comparisons aimed at enhancing the food and wine excellences, skills, abilities, pluses of different destinations.
A stage to focus on the story of men, lives, experiences and share testimonies of success and exemplary case histories.
A place to meet experts (journalists, critics, sommeliers, producers, restaurateurs) through specific focus on territories and products and have a real-time feedback on the difference between expectations and perceptions.

The Circle – People Lands Experiences

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